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Nashville's Premier Barbecue Cleaning Company!

Premier Barbecue Cleaning CompanyThe cleaning provided by Bar-B-Clean will make your barbecue look brand new, perform to its fullest potential, the food cooked on the barbecue will taste better, and a cleaning will make your barbecue last longer. Our cleaning service is like a makeover for your barbecue. You will not recognize your barbecue once we are done with it.

If you haven't had your barbecue cleaned in the last 6 months, there's a good chance that rats, mice or other rodents have lived, snacked or left droppings inside.

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Jerry Barrow

Jerry Barrowm, Grill Cleaning in NashvilleJerry grew up in Nebraska and joined the Navy after high school. He spent 6 years in the U.S. Navy as a medic with the Marines. He has been married for over 30 years to Lynn and they have three grown children.  His career spanned many years in the healthcare industry. Jerry's first work experience was providing cleaning services with his Dad, and Jerry is excited to be in the maintenance services business again in Nashville promoting clean and safe Bar-B-Clean services to his customers.

Greater Nashville Area

Our promise to our customers is that their barbecue will be clean to the touch
inside and out!

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