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About Bar-B-Clean – The Barbecue Cleaning Company

Bar-B-Clean was founded by Bryan Weinstein in early 2011 when he went out to his patio one evening to fire up his barbecue for the first time that year.  When he opened the hood and saw an absolutely disgustingly dirty barbecue, he not only realized that it needed to be cleaned, but that there also had to be a huge untapped market of people, who like him, needed a cleaning as well.  That very evening, he began creating an efficient process of cleaning barbecues and a new business was born.

Bar-B-Clean is currently a franchise opportunity being operated in 7 states across our nation.  Each of our franchisees have been thoroughly trained on the “Bar-B-Clean Way” which means conducting our business with the highest level of integrity while providing top notch customer service for every one of our clients.

Our efficient cleaning process will leave your barbecue completely clean to the touch inside and out.  You can swipe your fingers anywhere in the barbecue and you will have no residue left on your fingers.  Once achieved, we will polish the exterior with our proprietary branded Stainless Steel Polish leaving your barbecue sparkling!

Our promise to our customers is that their barbecue will be clean to the touch
inside and out!

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