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Folsom's Premier Barbecue Cleaning Company!

Premier Barbecue Cleaning CompanyThe cleaning provided by Bar-B-Clean will make your barbecue look brand new, perform to its fullest potential, the food cooked on the barbecue will taste better, and a cleaning will make your barbecue last longer. Our cleaning service is like a makeover for your barbecue. You will not recognize your barbecue once we are done with it.

If you haven't had your barbecue cleaned in the last 6 months, there's a good chance that rats, mice or other rodents have lived, snacked or left droppings inside.

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Steve Azevedo

Steve Azevedo, Grill Cleaning in Folsom

A Northern California native, Bar-B-Clean Folsom owner and operator Steve Azevedo has been part of the Folsom / El Dorado Hills community since 2008 – his wife being part of this community since 1981. Steve and his wife are raising their family in El Dorado Hills and love being part of the local communities. A long time grill enthusiast, Steve loves being outdoors and coupled with his penchant for things being neat and tidy, Bar-B-Clean is a natural fit!

Steve loves interacting with people and providing a service that people are excited about and at the same time making a healthy impact on families. With a background in service sales and customer relations, Steve knows that going above and beyond customer expectations is the only way to do business and is very excited to help the local community get more enjoyment and life from their outdoor kitchens!

Folsom, El Dorado Hills, Roseville, Rocklin, Granite Bay and surrounding areas

Our promise to our customers is that their barbecue will be clean to the touch
inside and out!

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