Grill Repairs & Replacement Parts

A Clean Barbecue is a Healthy Barbecue

Grill Repairs

man repairing a grill

Before we dive into scrubbing and polishing, our Grill Masters embark on a meticulous inspection, like conducting a "grill health check-up." Think of it as giving your trusty grill a thorough once-over to ensure it’s in its prime sizzling condition. We're on the lookout for any sneaky leaks, grumpy igniters, pesky wiring issues, cancerous rust, or any other hiccups that might affect your backyard cooking dreams.

Our goal? To guarantee that your grill is a top-notch, trouble-free sizzle machine, ready to turn your backyard into a culinary haven for your next grilling fiesta!

Repairs may include:


replacing faulty igniters, bad wiring, and electrodes



That may be clogged or damaged.

Light Fixtures

grill grates

Grill Replacement Parts

Metal barbecue grill over hot coal. Top view flat lay. Backdrop for your cooking food

In our realm of grill mastery, we've built solid connections with the big guns and even those quieter players in the grill replacement components world. Why? So that when your grill starts to fade or you misplace a part, we've got the access to quickly fetch replacements, make the repairs, and keep you grilling.

As part of our standard gig, we roll out the red carpet for your grill, giving it a complete once-over and jotting down a list of items that need a tune-up. And here's the best part: if you give the thumbs-up, our Grill Masters can conduct many standard fixes on the spot! Or, if it’s a more elaborate setup, we'll get them ordered, and boomerang back to complete the job.

Replacements may include:


If they are lost, rusty, or damaged

Heat Trays and Drip Pans

That are damaged or rusted


That are beyond repair 


replacing faulty ignitors, bad wiring, and electrodes

Warming Racks




Light Fixtures


Don't forget about the gas!

Top View of Raw Salmon With Vegetables, Lemon And Herbs in Grill Pan

If appropriate, we will test your gas system for any leaks,including the grill, tanks, and any gas lines. If we find any leaks or cause for concern, we bring them to your attention and recommend next steps.

Once all replacements and repairs have been addressed, we'll work our magic on a complete cleaning and degreasing of your grill, leaving the exterior of your barbecue sparkling clean and the interior, well, clean enough to eat off of.

Our promise to our customers is that their barbecue will be clean to the touch inside and out!

A Clean Barbecue is a Healthy Barbecue

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